6 things that employees can now expect from Internal Communications

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The last weeks and months have been labor-intensive and turbulent for Internal Communications due to the Corona pandemic. This department was suddenly more important than ever before and had to react quickly and agilely to completely new challenges. However, it is not only the company’s general requirements for Internal Communications that have changed, but also the expectations of the employees. We’ll tell you what exactly the staff now wants from Internal Communications, what you should pay attention to, and how you can even exceed these expectations.

1. Flow of information

Employees want to be informed regardless of location and simultaneously.

2. Knowledge transfer 🔄

Employees want transparent communication both ways – from boss to employee and vice versa.

3. Tools 

It is important to the workforce that an attractive communication channel is provided that is both user-friendly and easy to understand without the need for extensive training. In addition, professional and social exchange should also be possible – securely and in compliance with GDPR. In addition, tools should be usable on mobile devices, provide real-time information, and include social features (linking, commenting, sharing, chatting).

Empathy ...

... is regarded as the key to successful, trust-building communication in order to convey official instructions and orders in the best possible way. For each message, IC should therefore be clear about the target group they reach, what they use to get their message across, and how it will work.

5. Credibility & honesty 🔎

Content? Yes, please! But quality is much more important than quantity here.

6. Clarity 

Work procedures and measures must be clearly defined.


3 tips for those who want to exceed employees’ expectations when it comes to IC


🔮 A look to the future!

Only a few weeks ago, our world was a different one, but even this crisis will be overcome at some point, and everyday life will return to normal. Instead of returning to the old standards, however, Internal Communications should venture a glance into the future and consider the findings, studies, and surveys from the Corona era. There are already a number of important lessons that are helping to restructure processes, promote agile working, and effectively improve employee productivity. In addition, many managers have had to engage in internal communication during the pandemic and are now open to innovative ideas.

Now more than ever! Maintaining Internal Communications

Corona is over – and with it, Internal Communications? Definitely not! Keep surfing the digital wave and maintain your (newly won) company positioning. At the same time, you should reflect on your actions together with others and derive the most important lessons from the challenge. Were your employees only informed through a small trickle of information? You need a different tool. Has the relationship of trust between employees and management improved? Great, then develop new communication measures based on this result.

Improving communication channels

When IC’s turbo drive was switched on by the pandemic, it quickly became clear what the advantages and disadvantages of your communication channels were. The bulletin board? Is seen by no one. The monthly magazine? Way too slow. The e-mail newsletter? Provides no open exchange. Maybe you have already looked into different tools and know what you are looking for – or maybe you still need advice. Our advice: A Social Intranet that includes an employee app. To show you why we are so sure of this, we will tell you in the next section how COYO employees use their own tool (and why they love it so much). 

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