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More than just an intranet

COYO – Your digital home

“Digital home” brings to mind a sense of trust, belonging, and community. As a social intranet app, COYO is the place where everyone at your company comes together. Not only does the intranet have an ultramodern look, the software also follows a fundamental mobile-first approach. So it doesn’t matter if you’re at the office or on the beach in the Bahamas – you can access COYO from any place at any time!


Team messaging

E-mail is so nineties! So say goodbye to “Fwd:” and “Re: Re: Re:.” COYO makes internal communication incredibly easy and efficient. This means everyone stays in touch with everyone else and the entire team is always up-to-date.

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Internal communication

Like, share, and comment – COYO makes your intranet social. After all, it doesn’t matter whether we’re online privately or for work – we don’t just want to consume, but also actively contribute. That’s why COYO combines the features of a traditional intranet with the ideas behind social networks. This means that everyone from the CEO to the trainee can join in the conversation and have a say. 

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Digital teamwork

Imagine a place where you can collaborate with your coworkers easily and effortlessly – regardless of whether they’re all at one location or scattered across the globe. This place exists: COYO. With COYO, everyone working together on a project has access to the same data and is always on the same page.

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Global search

How much of your working life have you spent searching for files? We think too much. That’s why we equipped COYO with an intelligent, global search. Easily find files and more – without having to think about where to look. Type, click, find.

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Mobile first

The future is mobile. From buying tickets to applying for a job, today we can do just about anything from our smartphone. That’s why we developed COYO so that it’s not just there for you, but, first and foremost, there for you on your phone. So no matter where you are, you always have everything you need to do a good job. 

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To make sure you always love what you do, we’ve designed COYO so that you don’t have to spend a lot of time thinking about how things work. Just get started and let your intuition guide you. Thanks to perfect usability from top to bottom, we make working with COYO extremely easy and enjoyable.

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Success stories

Whether your business is large, small, local, or international – COYO is the custom intranet solution for every company.

RheinEnergie AG

A success story from the Rhineland.

On May 22, 2017, RheinEnergie AG launched its COYO intranet called “MingNet.” The name means “my network” and was selected for their new digital home during a brainstorming session with over 400 employees.

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