More than just an intranet

COYO – your digital home

COYO is a web-based intranet & knowledge management software, that allows employees, teams, clients and partners to work together in a modern way. We also call this "the digital home" for your company. With COYO you get the ideal solution for modern collaboration because it unifies intranet, social communication and smart productivity tools in one platform.

“Digital home” brings to mind a sense of trust, belonging, and community. As a social intranet app, COYO is the place where everyone at your company comes together. Not only the intranet interface have an ultra modern look, the software also follows a fundamental mobile-first approach. So it doesn’t matter if you’re at the office or on the beach – you can access COYO from any place at any time!


Reach all employees

Are your office workers always up to date, whereas field staff have to rely on the grapevine? Not with COYO. From the employee app to the blog – we enable you to reach absolutely everyone. Whenever and wherever.

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Office 365 & G Suite

COYO is a highly flexible social intranet and can be easily integrated within existing system architectures. Our mission is always to make your system even better.

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Sharing knowledge

At many companies, knowledge is often left to gather dust at the back of a drawer or leaves the firm when former employees move on. With COYO, you can put this valuable knowledge at the disposal of all employees and foster internal knowledge sharing. Makes sense, right?

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Avoid shadow IT

How can you send sensitive data quickly and easily while avoiding messaging services such as WhatsApp? Exactly, with COYO! Minimize the use of troublesome shadow IT systems and avoid data protection problems. Remove the risk.

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Help colleagues

Let’s be honest: everyone needs a bit of help from a colleague now and again. But there is an age-old problem: who best to contact and how to find them? Our search function is here to help.

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Success stories

Whether your business is large, small, local, or international –
COYO is the custom intranet solution for every company.

Rhein Energie AG

A success story from the Rhineland

On May 22, 2017, RheinEnergie AG launched its COYO intranet called “MingNet.” The name means “my network” and was selected for their new digital home during a brainstorming session with over 400 employees.

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